NCC Tuesday Night Series

Weekly Series of Time Trial / Hillclimb Races

The NCC presents a weekly series of races on Tuesday nights at 6pm at a variety of locations in the Northampton area from March through August. The races are fun, informal, self-timed events, attracting all sorts of riders, from professional racers to grandparents.

The races alternate each week between hillclimbs, which are mass-start events where drafting is allowed, and time trials, with individual starts at 30-second intervals, and no drafting allowed. Detailed descriptions and maps are located here.

Each race is listed on the NCC Events Calendar. Races are canceled for inclement weather, with notice posted on the discussion board, so be sure to check the calendar before heading out if weather conditions are dicey.

The series is scored with a points system, with points awarded for each race based on the number of competitors. For example, if there are 19 riders and you have the best time, you will be awarded 19 points, second will get 18 points, etc., all the way down to the last rider who will get 1 point.

This page presents results from the current year's race series, along with links to archived results going back to 2007 (at the bottom of the page). Click on any of the links in the results for more detailed information. Clicking on a name will show all results for that person, clicking on an event name will show all-time results for that event, and clicking on an event date will show results for the event on that specific date.

2018 Results
Overall Series Results - Top Five
1Jonathan O'Keeffe13135.5
2Madeline Nagy1487
3Scott Yarosh566
4Carson Poe464
5Joe Lellman862
Time Trial Series Results - Top Five
1Jonathan O'Keeffe891.5
2Carson Poe464
3Madeline Nagy860
4Kevin Weinman755
5Joe Lellman551
Hillclimb Series Results - Top Five
1Jonathan O'Keeffe544
2Owen Wright341
3Tim Cary637
4Nick Hight-Huf332
5David Goodwin429

2018 Results
DateEventRidersWinnerWinning Time
3/27/18Time Trial - Short13Carson Poe22:10
4/3/18Hillclimb - NorthamptonCancelled - Rain
4/10/18Time Trial - Long8Jonathan O'Keeffe45:45
4/17/18Hillclimb - Shutesbury13Scott Yarosh16:58
4/24/18Time Trial - Deerfield11Jonathan O'Keeffe32:36
5/1/18Hillclimb - Chesterfield11Donal O'Sullivan21:09
5/8/18Time Trial - Short21Jay Gump20:28
5/15/18Hillclimb - PelhamCancelled - Rain
5/22/18Time Trial - Long12Scott Yarosh41:52
5/29/18Hillclimb - Westhampton15Owen Wright19:37
6/5/18Time Trial - Deerfield14Owen Wright29:40
6/12/18Hillclimb - Skinner13Owen Wright9:24
6/19/18Time Trial - Short22Carson Poe19:43
6/26/18Hillclimb - Northampton11Eric Kirouac24:10
7/3/18Time Trial - Long9Nick Hight-Huf43:10
7/10/18Hillclimb - Shutesbury13Owen Wright13:47
7/17/18Time Trial - Deerfield
7/24/18Hillclimb - Chesterfield
7/31/18Time Trial - Short
8/7/18Hillclimb - Pelham
8/14/18Time Trial - Long
8/21/18Hillclimb - Westhampton
8/28/18Time Trial - Deerfield
9/4/18Hillclimb - Skinner
9/11/18Time Trial - Short

All-Time Course Records
Held BySet OnCourse
Held BySet On
Time Trial - Short621,05617:47Liam Holowesko4/28/1521:03Clio Dinan8/1/17
Time Trial - Long4062938:30Jay Gump5/12/1545:41Martha Grinnell5/10/11
Time Trial - Deerfield3055027:48Jay Gump8/13/1332:48Martha Grinnell8/16/11
Hillclimb - Shutesbury2134313:47Owen Wright7/10/1816:53Madeline Nagy6/24/14
Hillclimb - Skinner212939:24Owen Wright6/12/1812:09Madeline Nagy8/23/16
Hillclimb - Pelham2128517:31Steve Weller5/3/1120:27Madeline Nagy7/28/15
Hillclimb - Chesterfield2028618:38Jay Gump7/9/1320:41Gabriella Durrin7/8/14
Hillclimb - Northampton1927322:48Jay Gump6/16/1525:55Julie Wright6/27/17
Hillclimb - Westhampton1622519:37Owen Wright5/29/1822:26Madeline Nagy5/13/14

Annual Statistics
YearTotal RacesTotal RidersMenWomenRiders per RaceDistinct RidersFirst-Time Riders

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2018 Series Results:  Overall  •  Time Trial  •  Hillclimb
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