NCC Ride Leaders are continually updating a curated set of rides, organized by town in the local area. Rides are stored in RideWithGPS Collections, which provide a clickable map or separate list of rides for each set. We hope that this enables you to discover new rides and enhance your enjoyment of riding in beautiful Western Mass. Tips for using the rides in the collection are below.

This is a work in progress, so check back for more updates. You can do that manually or choose a favorite collection and click on “Follow this Collection” to be notified of updates.

Note: If you have the RideWithGPS App installed on your phone, you need to open the link in your browser. We recommend holding this link and choosing to open the Library in a new tab.


NCC Route Library


You can click on a route on the map, but be sure to scroll down to see all the details for each route!
Note: road conditions change all the time. At the time of route creation, roads are paved or noted with the keyword “gravel”. We don’t guarantee all these routes are smooth riding. Please ride safely and smartly. Cycling can be a dangerous sport, and users of routes in this collection must assume responsibility for their own safety.

If you find a problem with a route, please post it to the Ride Forum and we’ll do our best to update it.

Tips for using the NCC Ride Route Library

  • Explore the library and choose a route that interests you. Then decide how you would like to use it for your ride. Your options are:
    • Print a Queue Sheet
    • Download it to your Smart Phone
    • Download it to your GPS
    • Memorize it if you know the area
  • If you only want to print a queue sheet, click on the ride of your choice and click on the “More” button. Select Print Cue Sheet and you are good to go.
  • For all other options, sign up for a free RideWithGPS account here 
  • Having your own free account allows you to copy routes of interest to your own set.
  • With your own free account, you can download routes to your GPS or RideWithGPS app.
  • See RideWithGPS’ help page for additional details on benefits of a paid account or how to load your new routes to your own GPS.

You can also check out our Strava Club Page to see where our members are riding.

For suggested rest stops, check out our Cycling Rest Stops page.