Each ride will have at least one designated ride leader, who has the authority to enforce rules if needed.  

All participants in NCC groups rides are required to sign a waiver. This is done through the Link My Ride app. If for some reason you are unable to use the Link My Ride app,, you must sign the waiver online here.

Before the start:

  • Have your bicycle in good repair and tires in good condition
  • Carry the necessities to repair a flat tire (in town, there are fix stations)
  • Remember to bring enough liquids and carbs
  • Choose rides at your speed/skill level
  • Sign up for a ride using the Link My Ride app
  • Wear sunscreen if needed
  • If the weather is questionable, check the Link My Ride app — ride leaders will post announcements there.
  • Listen to directions and instructions from ride leaders. Their job is to get you home safely.
  • Don’t wear earbuds or anything else that might impair your hearing.
  • Carry some type of identification including emergency contact information

During the ride, the club has three basic rules that all riders must comply with for the safety of everyone.

  • Keep it SAFE
    • Stay double or single file, call out obstacles, no sudden accelerations or braking
    • The yellow line rule applies under all circumstances (don’t cross the yellow line or the road center line)
    • Always follow the rules of the road, i.e., stop at stop signs, red lights, give pedestrians in walkways the right-of-way, etc. If in doubt, read the Massachusetts Bike Laws Summary
    • Ride single file out of town.
    • Riders should be single file except when the width of the road or shoulder allows for side by side riding.
    • When passing slower riders, always pass on the left.
    • Riders should be as far right as is safe to do so, preferably to the right of the white line.
    • When pulling to the left (when passing slower riders or descending back from the front of a pace line) always look back first.
  • Keep it STEADY
    • Keep the agreed upon pace. Don’t jump the group. Don’t take a longer pull that slows the group down. Feel free to sit out a pull
    • Don’t overlap wheels with the rider in front of you. The forward rider needs the ability to avoid road hazards without hitting you!
    • When riding in a pace line, keep your speed consistent
    • Point out road debris and dangerous conditions to riders behind you
  • Keep it SUPPORTIVE
    • We’re here to have fun, look out for one another — slow down to support the group and watch for stragglers.
    • Don’t be shy: ask questions, speak up!
    • We aim to have fun, friendly, responsible and inclusive rides. Non-members are welcome on all of our club rides up to two times a year.