Links to Emergency Pages:

Guidelines for Ride Leaders

  • Bookmark this page so that you have quick access to the Emergency Guidelines.
  • Post the ride on the NCC’s Link My Ride Club account – see below for detailed instructions.
  • Make weather calls. Cancel the ride on the NCC’s Link My Ride (LMR) Club account.
  • Carry a cell phone.
  • Show up before the start time.
  • Introduce yourself as the leader of the ride.
  • Welcome new folks and make them feel comfortable.
  • Go over route.
  • Go over speed, pace expectations.
  • Go over rules of the ride and the road.
  • Have non-NCC members sign up for the ride using the LMR app. The waiver is built into the LMR app. If absolutely needed (unable to complete the waiver in LMR), have them complete the online waiver form.
  • Keep the group together – be on the lookout for stragglers and technical issues but do not feel responsible for fixing flats — riders should be self sufficient.
  • Optional: know where fix stations are.
  • Optional: Write a ride report (or ask someone else to) and post it on the website.

Scheduling Group Rides

The NCC is committed to having a single source, Link My Ride, for group ride information. This makes it easier for ride leaders to schedule rides, answer participant questions, and cancel rides due to weather. Please remember the following:

  • Do not use the discussion board to announce your ride;
  • Do not add your ride to the Google Calendar;
  • Do not use the banner functionality on the website to advertise your ride; and
  • Link My Ride is the sole method for group rides information.

Link My Ride is planning a number of updates for 2024. As updates are launched, this page will be updated to keep Ride Leaders informed.

Ride Leaders have the freedom to schedule and cancel their own rides. If you want to lead a C paced gravel ride on Tuesday at 10 AM one week and a B road ride at 5:30 PM on Wednesday the following week, you have all the power through the NCC’s LMR Club account. You also have the freedom to start your ride anywhere you want. If there isn’t a ride that matches your schedule or starts in your preferred location, you can create one!


How to Create a Ride


Log In to the LMR Club Account


Log into the Link My Ride for Clubs webpage (not the LMR mobile app). Soon, LMR will allow for Ride Leaders to have their own logins, but in the meantime, we all share the same NCC Club account. Please reach out to our Ride Leader Coordinators for the login credientials.



On the Dashboard, click on “New Ride +” to schedule a ride.



The Create Ride template will appear.




Ride Description


In the “Ride Title” box, put a title for your ride. It is suggested to put the level (A, B, C, or D), the start time, and departure location in the ride title.

In the “Description” box, put as much information as you want about the ride. Also, it is helpful to name the ride leader so that participants know who is leading the adventure. You can put URLs that will be clickable by the participants if you choose (perhaps a cafe menu). Be sure to check out the NCC’s Cycling Rest Stops page if you need suggestions for rest stops.

Choose the the appropriate “Ride Type” using the radio buttons.

Chose “Ride Level” using the radio buttons. As a general rule, Beginner is C-/D riders, Intermediate is B-/C+/C riders, and Experienced is A/B riders. The title of your ride and the description will set the expectations for the pace of the ride.




To provide participants the map for your ride, you need to upload a GPX file.

You are free to create your own route or use a route from the NCC Route Library. As a ride leader, you may start your ride from anywhere you see fit (i.e. locations other than Pulaski Park in Northampton if desired). You can create or reuse rides on Ride with GPS and Strava.

On Ride with GPS, download the GPX file by clicking “More” and then “Download .gpx File.”



On Strava, click the “v” and “Export GPX.”



Once you have your GPX file, upload it to LMR dragging it into the browser window or find the file using the “browse files” link.



The route will appear. In the future, LMR will be allowing club accounts to view distance and elevation in imperial units.

Please note that elevation differences depend on the mapping services used by RwGPS, Strava, and LMR. The elevation may be slightly more or slightly less than you are used to on your favorite route mapping service.

If desired, you may choose a “Cover Image” to display instead of the map. It is recommended to leave the cover image as the route map.





Select the day of your ride using the “Start Ride” box.

Input the start time of your ride in the “Start Time” box.

The “Estimated Duration” box is the number of hours you anticipate the ride taking. If the ride should take four hours, put “04:00 AM” in the “Estimated Duration” box. This box is anticipated to be improved in the soon-to-be released LMR update.




In the near future, LMR will have the ability to create recurring rides. Until this occurs, it is recommended to only schedule a week or two of rides at time.


Privacy/Ride Visibility


There are three “Privacy” choices, which impact how the ride is displayed in the LMR app.

“Public” rides are displayed in the LMR app to club members and the general public. Club members receive a notification on their mobile device when a ride is posted. NCC rides should generally be listed as “Public,” which is the default choice.

“Private” rides are displayed in the LMR app only to club members. Club members receive a notification on their mobile device when a ride is posted.

“Stealth” rides are not listed for club members or the general public.




Soon, LMR will have the waiver built into every club ride. In the meantime, upload the club waiver using the “Choose File” button.



Publish Your Ride


When your ride is ready, click “Publish Ride” button and your ride will be viewable to NCC members and the general public on the LMR mobile app. Please remember to sign up for your own rides using the LMR mobile app.



Cancelling Rides


The weather does not always cooperate. If you need to cancel a ride, find your ride on the dashboard.

Click the “X” for your ride to open the cancellation window. Note that the trash can icon deletes the ride without notifying anyone who signed up that the ride is no longer being held.




Type the reason for the cancellation in the “Cancellation Notice/Notification” box and click “Cancel ride and notify any attendees” button. Anyone who is signed up for the ride in the LMR mobile app will get a notification that the ride was cancelled.





Editing Ride Details


If you need to edit any part of your ride, you can select the pencil icon for your ride on the dashboard. Then you can update and of the fields, including updating the route.