Links to Emergency Pages:

Guidelines for Ride Leaders

  • Bookmark this page so that you have quick access to the Emergency Guidelines
  • Post the ride on the Link My Ride app – provide meeting time and place, leader contact, speed/skill level, route and duration, cancellation, & description details.
  • Make weather calls. Contact the Ride Leader Coordinators to cancel a ride.
  • Carry a cell phone
  • Show up before the start time
  • Introduce yourself as the leader of the ride
  • Welcome new folks and make them feel comfortable
  • Go over route
  • Go over speed, pace expectations
  • Go over rules of the ride and the road
  • Bookmark the waiver form and make sure everyone who is not a member fills it out before riding. It is mobile device friendly.
  • Keep the group together – be on the look out for stragglers and technical issues but do not feel responsible for fixing flats — riders should be self sufficient
  • Optional: know where fix stations are
  • Optional: Write a ride report (or ask someone else to) and post it to the forum