NCC 2015 Clothing Order – Closed!

What You Need to Know:


  • Fit Kits are available at Northampton Bicycle – we encourage you to try the 2014jerseyfrontclothes on, even if you order the same as last year
  • Order online from BikeReg:
  • You must be a current NCC member to order
  • The order is now closed
  • A VOMax sizing guide is here . . . but we highly recommend you try the clothes Fit Kits on at Northampton Bicycle, even if you order the same as last year


nohobikeGo to Northampton Bicycle, (, try on some clothes, say hello to the great staff there, and perhaps pick up some supplies for the upcoming season (you will have a flat with all those pot holes, right?).

The clothing order will close April 1, so stop looking out the window wondering when spring weather will arrive, and get on BikeReg now to BUY SOME CLOTHES!

Don’t forget, you need to be a member to buy clothing, so if your membership is not up to date, renew now, here: .  The folks at BikeReg are very generous, there is no service fee to sign up as a club member, so what are you waiting for?

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