What is the course like?

  • Length of course: 9.0 miles
  • Altitude at start: 708’
  • Altitude at finish: 3,450’
  • Vertical gain: 2,742’
  • Total climbing: 2,805’
  • Average grade: 6.2%
  • Maximum grade: 13.6%

What’s included in my registration?

  • The chance to suffer on your bike in an a safe, organized fashion, and to put all your summer training to good use. Race hard if you choose or “casually” pedal up the mountain and enjoy the scenery!
  • Optional gear transport to the summit so that you don’t freeze on the descent after!
  • Fruit and cookies at the summit.
  • A hearty lunch and beer at the post event party outside the Freight Yard Pub

Where should I park?

Event parking is available in two convenient locations: to the north of the Freight Yard Pub at the end of Furnace Street (access by going up Furnace Bypass and turning right on Furnace Street) or across State Street off of Christopher Columbus Drive. Please don’t park in the Freight Yard Pub parking lot (there will be cones blocking those entrances on Saturday morning).


Are there bathrooms nearby?

The Heritage State Park restrooms just to the north of the registration tent will be available on race day for the duration of the event. There are also restrooms available in Bascom Lodge at the summit.

Is there local lodging available?

If you’re staying in the area, fantastic! North Adams is a great place to visit. There are many fine establishments in the area, and camping on the mountain is an option. The Appalachian Trail crosses the summit of Mount Greylock, and there are several camping areas and lean-tos available. If you’re into more traditional accommodations, the list below should get you started.