The Event

Start times will be published a few days prior to the event. Plan your pre-race warm up so that you arrive at the starting area 3-5 minutes prior to your start time. A race official will be present to assist with your start. Riders who miss their start time, will be assigned a new start time after all riders have departed. After you start, just keep climbing (when in doubt, go up!). The course will be marked with signs and road arrows, and there will be corner marshalls (look for the orange vests) at every turn to help you safely navigate. At the summit, keep to the right and follow the instructions of the course marshalls, continuing past the finish to the summit just around the corner. There will be some light refreshments at the summit. You can ride down from the summit, or arrange to have someone pick you up. Note that the descent can be quite hazardous (and cold!) so please ride with care. All riders receive an event T-shirt, a wonderful meal (and beer!) at the Freightyard Pub, and gear shuttle to the summit. There will be medals for the top three riders in each category.

Bag Drop

There will be a bag drop right near the starting area and you are encouraged to pack a light jacket and other warm clothes for the summit and descent. Please get your gear bag at the drop location near the start by 9AM! Gear bags will be delivered to the summit, arriving by 9:30AM, and placed just over the wall near the refreshments.


Bike riders have climbed Mt. Greylock on all sorts of wheeled vehicles from single gear “no seat’ funky bikes, tandems, mountain bikes, unicycles, road bikes and specialty climbing bikes. Just about any bike will do, but most use a standard drop bar bicycle, perhaps equipped with some easier climbing gears. All we ask is that you use a bike with two or three wheels (trikes, recumbents and trailers are OK) and use only your muscles and willpower to power it. Note that the road to the summit will be open to traffic and you’ll likely want to equip your bike with blinking lights for increased visibility; the summit has a tendency to be enshrouded in fog this time of year.

The Park

The Northampton Cycling Club runs this event every year with assistance from and under the authority of the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation. The Mount Greylock State Reservation is one of the great treasures of Massachusetts, and we’d like to keep it that way. Please obey all posted signs inside the park and refrain from making marks on the road or littering. We need to apply to the DCR every year to hold this race inside the park, and it would be a shame to tarnish our reputation for running a safe and clean event. As a side note, we do get special permission to place route arrows on the road, but we do have to go back and remove them all after the event.


Spectators: If you’re coming to watch someone else ride, consider volunteering for the event. We can always use the extra help, and it’s a great way to both see and be a part of the action. As a corner marshall, you’ll have the opportunity to see all the riders and ensure their safety. Shuttling bags to the summit is another great way to see the riders in action and shout encouragement. For those interested in a pure spectator experience, there are a few small parking areas along the route where you can stop and cheer on riders. Some of the best spots are right below the summit with a great view of the course and the grand vista of the valley below. The summit is also an option but note that there is a fee to park at the summit lot ($5 for MA cars, $10 for all others).

Volunteering: This event can’t be run without volunteers, and we need assistance with registration, setup, timing and starting, course marshaling, and the summit bag shuttle (a personal favorite). It’s easy to do, makes you feel good, and we really appreciate it! Send an e-mail to to inquire about opportunities.