NCC Sponsorship

NCC Sponsorship Overview2014 Sponsorship Packages

NCC uniforms with sponsor logos are worn by club members through out the Pioneer Valley and in the 2011 Race Across America. Talk about spreading the word!

Sponsoring businesses contribute capital, or in some cases goods and services, to support NCC’s ongoing operations and events. In exchange, NCC will advertise and promote the sponsors’ products and services to the club and to the wider community.

NCC sponsorship should be considered an advertising and marketing investment. Sponsorship provides the benefits of traditional advertising and much more.

Targeting your NCC Sponsorship:
NCC offers several different ways to target your support.

1. Reach cyclists and triathletes with uniform or website sponsorship
2. Reach families with NCC children’s events advertised in the Gazette
3. Reach the entire community with NCC BikeFest sponsorships (print, radio, outdoor)

Benefits of NCC Sponsorship

1. Reach a great demographic.
2. The loyalty effect & NCC’s large and diverse membership.
3. Express corporate values through sponsorship.
4. Enhance community relations through charitable giving.
5. Feel good. You are contributing to the growth of cycling.
6. Tax deductibility. NCC is a registered 501c3. Check with your tax advisor.

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