Ride Organization and Safety

Safety Rules for Everyone

  • Riders should be single file except when the width of the road or shoulder allows for side by side riding.
  • When passing slower riders, always pass on the left.
  • Riders should be as far right as is safe to do so, preferably to the right of the white line.
  • When pulling to the left (when passing slower riders or descending back from the front of a pace line) always look back first.
  • Don’t ride with an overlap with the rider in front of you.
  • When riding in a pace line, keep your speed consistent.
  • Point out road debris and dangerous conditions to riders behind you.
  • Don’t wear earbuds or anything else that might impair your hearing.
  • Carry some type of identification including emergency contact information.

Guidelines for Ride Leaders

  • Post the ride – provide meeting time and place, leader contact, speed/skill level, route and duration, cancellation, & description details
  • Make weather calls
  • Carry a cell phone
  • Show up before the start time
  • Introduce yourself as the leader of the ride
  • Welcome new folks and make them feel comfortable
  • Go over route
  • Go over speed, pace expectations
  • Go over rules of the ride and the road
  • Bookmark the waiver form and make sure everyone who is not a member fills it out before riding. It is mobile device friendly.
  • Fill out this quick form to help us keep track of attendance
  • Keep the group together – be on the look out for stragglers and technical issues but not be responsible for fixing flats etc as riders should be self sufficient
  • Write a ride report (or ask someone else to)
  • Post a ride report to the discussion forum

Guidelines for Participants

  • Have your bicycle in good repair and tires in good condition
  • Carry the necessities to repair a flat tire
  • Remember to bring enough liquids and carbs
  • Choose rides at your speed/skill level
  • Wear sunscreen if needed
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