Navigation, Maps, Ride Routes etc

Here you will find some great cycling routes in the area around Northampton. We picked routes that showcase the best of the valley scenery. The routes allow printing a cue sheet if you do not have a bike computer to download the route to. You can also download the app to your smartphone and navigate these routes.

Note: road conditions change all the time. At the time of route creation, roads are paved. We don’t guarantee all these routes are smooth riding. Please ride safely and smart.

Need to know where there is a fix-it station, or a bike path?  Check out this page!

Suggested Routes:

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You can also check out our Strava Club page to see where members are riding:

Regular Club Rides:

40mi – Wednesday Night Ride (WNR) Route – Mostly Flat, One Hill in the Middle

39mi – Thursday Night Ride (TNR) Route – lots of hills

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