NCC Triathlon Lecture Series

Chase Away the Off Season Blues!

Join the Northampton Cycling Club Triathlon Team for a series of Triathlon/Endurance Sport based lectures!

Lectures are the 3rd Sunday of January, February and March at the Amherst Brewing Company at 4:00PM

**NOTE: March Lecture Location has been changed to Northampton Brewery!**

Light appetizers will be served and bar service will be available.

Lectures will be 1-1 ½ hours in length leaving some time to talk shop and learn about the NCC Tri team!

Free to Current Northampton Cycling Members – Registration is required.

$10 per lecture for non-members – Registration is Required.

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Schedule of Events

January 18 2015:

Getting a Grip on Fueling and Hydrating for Optimal Performance and Recovery!




There’s more to setting yourself up for a great race day than the training piece alone.  Consistent quality sleep, refinement of technique, positive imagery, nutritional timing and choice all play a role in allowing you to give your best on race or key workout days. This discussion will focus on the nutritional piece.

Topics will include:

  • Understanding the importance and role of various forms of carbohydrates as well as the timing of consumption for pre workout, workout and post workout fuel.
  • Carbohydrate store maintenance and its relationship to performance and a healthy immune system.
  • How to increase the use of stored fat for fuel during exercise.
  • Recovery fuel – the best combination for optimal recovery.
  • Optimal hydration planning – how to avoid the disastrous experiences of bloated gut, vomiting and cramping.


Coach Martha Grinnell

Martha has been coaching and consulting multi-sport athletes and runners since 1992. She holds a BS in Health and Fitness from Springfield College and a MS in Exercise and Sport Studies from Smith College. She also holds certification as a triathlon coach from USAT, personal trainer through ACSM and a cancer exercise specialist through the Cancer Exercise Training Institute.


February 15 2015:

Making the Most of Your Triathlon Training



Ever wonder about approaches to planning a week, month, year, or even several years? This presentation will provide an overview of training strategies that maximize your time, strengths, and potential over different horizons. Specific topics to be discussed include goal setting; periodization; time allocation; and thoughts on balancing volume, intensity, and frequency.


Coach Carson Poe

Carson Poe is a Senior Transportation Analyst at a federal research center. He trains and races as a member of the Northampton Cycling Club’s Triathlon Team. He is multiple-time finisher of the Ironman 70.3 World Championships and has earned the distinction of All-American triathlete. He has reached the age group podium at the National Long Course Duathlon Championships and has numerous age group and overall wins at local running, duathlon, and triathlon races of various distances. Carson has backcountry and high-elevation mountaineering experience on four continents, completed a solo, 37-day supported bicycle ride across the U.S., and carried the Olympic torch as a child (and has the picture to prove it.

March 15 2015:

 Balance Training for Triathletes




Balance training has become a popular fitness activity especially with the introduction of various unstable surface training devices like wobble boards, Bosu Balls and stability balls. Unfortunately adding these devices into a balance or strength training program doesn’t guarantee optimal results. Many athletes have underlying posture/joint control issues and poor muscle activation patterns. Adding an unstable surface device onto of these movement deficits can add insult to injury.

In this presentation I will teach you how to use balance exercises as a self-assessment tool, for core strength training, to improve running/cycling mechanics and as a method of addressing muscle imbalances. I will start with simple balance exercises and progress to multidirectional lunges, hopping/jumping and joint stabilization drills.

Participants should bring/wear their running shoes


John Power of Integrated Muscular Therapy & Fitness

John Power is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA). He has a private practice in downtown Northampton where he specializes in the treatment of sports injuries. He also does personal training for individuals and small groups.

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