The Massochistah!

AKA The Dirty Hurty

Welcome Back to the Massochistah!

Join the NCC for 30 or 50 miles of climbing on some of the Pioneer Valley’s best and most challenging roads.

Three Routes To Choose From

The Hurty
50 Miles, 6,000 Feet of Dirt, Mud, Snow, and Pain

The Dirty
30 miles, 3,000 Feet. Still Dirty, but a Little Less Hurty

The Lazy
Stay warm, dry and clean by sitting around the fire drinking beer all day.

The Beautiful Ashfield Lakehouse

Decked Out to Warm You Up, Fill You Up, Get You Up Those Hills!

Breakfast Snacks, Warm Beverages and Treats at Rest Stops, Supper.

A Bunch of It! Including delicious local brew: Bear and Bramble.

Uncle Hal’s CrabGrass Band is in the House!

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Volunteers Needed

Can’t ride, or don’t want to get hurty? We need help to put this event on! Check out the volunteer spots we have here: You’ll get free food, free beer and the satisfaction of helping people go to a very special place of pain! 

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