By David Goodwin
Published 06/25/2024; Updated 06/25/2024

Somber news today about a crash on the descent. I wasn’t able to be at the 5:30 start so did the hillclimb at 10 this morning. Jonathan reported the times of the regular time starters and said that Joe Lellman crashed hard on the descent, hitting a car that pulled out in front of him at Northeast Road. His wife Martha reports some broken ribs and a collapsed lung and possibly more. Jonathan is on his way to Baystate in Springfield to see how he’s doing. We’re all hoping for minimal injuries and a quick recovery Joe.

For those that I only had a Strava time (perhaps in the confusion of all this), I added 15 seconds to your time. Two PRs – Ryan by 33 seconds and Dusty by 9.

Here is a link to the series so far:

Time Trial/Hill Climb Series

And finally, today’s results:

1. Ryan Davis; Time: 24:00; 16.75 mph; 15 points
2. Dusty King; Time: 25:15; 15.92 mph; 14 points
3. Ben Winter; Time: 26:19; 15.28 mph; 13 points
4. Thom Barry; Time: 27:41; 14.52 mph; 12 points
5. Zinj Guo; Time: 29:01; 13.85 mph; 11 points
6. Andy MacDonald; Time: 30:10; 13.33 mph; 10 points
7. Melissa Warwick; Time: 30:18; 13.27 mph; 9 points
8. Jonathan O’Keeffe; Time: 30:25; 13.22 mph; 8 points
9. Madeline Nagy; Time: 30:33; 13.16 mph; 7 points
10. Eddie Nunez; Time: 31:15; 12.86 mph; 6 points
11. Joe Lellman; Time: 31:54; 12.6 mph; 5 points
12. David Goodwin; Time: 32:31; 12.36 mph; 4 points
13. Tim Pitkin; Time: 33:33; 11.98 mph; 3 points
14. Mike Hempstead; Time: 34:20; 11.71 mph; 2 points
15. Cindy White; Time: 35:13; 11.42 mph; 1 points

Next Tuesday is the Long Time Trial, which starts and ends in Hatfield. On your mobile device, please sign up for the ride on the NCC’s Link My Ride page. For detailed instructions on how to use Link My Ride, please click here.


One response to “Week 14: Leeds to Chesterfield Hill Climb, 6/25/24”

  1. Jonathan O'Keeffe says:

    Just to clarify, I didn’t see the crash so I don’t know for sure what happened with the car. My guess is that it was turning left in front of him, but as far as I know nobody saw it happen so we don’t know for sure at this point. The car had some damage in the right rear quarter-panel, and there were pieces of broken taillights on the ground, but other than that, I can’t be sure what happened.

    Joe is in the ER now and it looks like he will stay at least overnight in the ICU. I haven’t seen him but his wife and kids were just able to go in to see him a few minutes ago. Right now it looks like some badly broken ribs and a punctured lung at least. Bunch of X-rays pending.