By justine McCarthy
Published 06/04/2024; Updated 06/04/2024

We started at 9 am due to summer weather coming on, and it being a hilly route to Goshen.

We started with 3 but Kent turned back on Ashfield road. He’s normally a trooper up the hills but that morning wasn’t feelin’ it- so wisely turned around. He still got 25 miles and 1450 feet of climbing, so not bad!

Brent and I continued uphill to the Mt Monadnock view in Ashfield, then to the 1 mile gravel section on West road, to Steady Lane and back to Goshen on 112. Once in downtown Goshen, we discovered Oliver’s Farm Stand– where we found excellent well water and canned water, ice cream, a variety of homemade baked goods, and a clean indoor bathroom at the adjoining Town offices ( when they are open). Everything we needed for the rest of the trip.

We returned via South Main to South Chesterfield Road for a total of 38 miles and almost 2600 feet of climbing: a record for Brent, and most so far this year for me.

The weather was grand, the roads excellent for the most part, and we appreciated the mainly downhill at the end, as the temp was rising fast!