By Henry van den Broek
Published 05/23/2024; Updated 05/23/2024

TL;DR: 4 riders: 22.8 miles, 2215ft of climbing, unpaved 48%. steepest grade 17% rwgps, strava

With much better weather conditions than last week’s canceled ride, we took off with four riders from Conway Center. In addition to feet per mile, fun per mile, and fotos per mile, Keith and Lauren added cows per mile. The Dutch word for cattle is “vee,” so vee per mile. They were soon rewarded, as climbing up Main Poland gave us plenty of cow sightings. During the descent down Main Poland, David had to use all his CX skills to stay on his bike after a distracted and/or malicious driver almost drove him off the road. Fortunately, we all stayed upright and were able to continue our descent safely.

The trail conditions at Chapel Falls had improved a lot, and we were able to ride to the falls, with a quick stop to say hello to the neighborhood dog, also called Henry. At the falls, photos and videos were taken. The smell of skunk (weed) was overwhelming, so we continued, and David smelled a real skunk at Wing Hill Rd, aka Goat Path. Descending Goat Path, which turned into Briar Hill towards Williamsburg, was a blast.

In Williamsburg, we had a quick stop at the new coffee shop Tangle Chocolate to do some window shopping. It was closed now, but I had an excellent cappuccino there during the preride. Now it was time to climb up Nash Hill. The climb is all paved, but the descent was all gravel, and everyone agreed this was the most fun direction. With only Poplar Hill remaining, we were done with our climbing. The road grade goes up to 17%, but Keith was brave enough to stop to take some cow photos and was still able to get his bike going.


At the top of Poplar, we had a quick chat with Pete, who was tending to his mountain bike park, but the mosquitoes told us to continue. We finished our dirt section, despite trying to be stealthy behind the mower of one of the residents, and got dumped onto Roaring Brook. From here on, it was a quick and easy ride, mostly downhill, into Conway.