By David Goodwin
Published 05/21/2024; Updated 05/21/2024

Tonight was a night for the brave, the foolish and the risk takers. In my defense, since I will cancel a ride 2 hours before the scheduled depart time and at 3:30 this afternoon, there was barely a hint of any nutty weather. However, since I’m on the IR with a nagging neck injury, I decided to drive my motorcycle to the start line. Said motorcycle was purchased from our beloved former NCC President Dan Stasz and carries with it some major swagger. However, as I rode from Sunderland to Deerfield, a storm was moving through that I thought for sure would have been long gone by 5:50 or 55 when most of our 5:30 starters would be at the 1/2 way turn around point.

We had 5 riders do the TT before this weather was a factor and another 7 riders take off more-or-less at or near the 5:30 start. The wind had been strong and steady out of the south all day. At 5:31 it absolutely did an about-face and, driven by the now huge storm cell passing through northern Whately and southern Deerfield, resulted in many tales of woe! Almost all of the 5:30 starters said that lightning hit near them, they had to try not to get blown off the road AND had to navigate around an accident scene. Only one rider (Joe L) demonstrated cautious intelligence and turned around before getting too far into the teeth of the storm. Megan (from here on known to me as “The Tasty Morsel,” which is what she called herself, not a nickname that I gave her but I’m sure she is) was so excited to be alive at the finish line. Others echoed this sentiment as well.

No PRs today. I gave Joe a time of 59:59 since he showed up, DNFed but should get something to show for his effort. JOK, still dealing with Covid, didn’t get me his time so I patched in his Strava time. Congrats to COC!

Here is a link to the series so far:

Time Trial/Hill Climb Series

And finally, today’s results:

1. Colman O’Connor; Time: 44:51; 24.62 mph; 12 points
2. Megan Bilodeau; Time: 45:38; 24.19 mph; 11 points
3. Dusty King; Time: 45:56; 24.03 mph; 10 points
4. Frank Sleegers; Time: 47:02; 23.47 mph; 9 points
5. Melissa Warwick; Time: 47:39; 23.17 mph; 8 points
6. Henry van den Broek; Time: 48:33; 22.74 mph; 7 points
7. Madeline Nagy; Time: 48:40; 22.68 mph; 6 points
8. Jonathan O’Keeffe; Time: 49:12; 22.44 mph; 5 points
9. Roger Stawasz; Time: 54:50; 20.13 mph; 4 points
10. Cindy White; Time: 55:29; 19.9 mph; 3 points
11. Tim Pitkin; Time: 56:50; 19.43 mph; 2 points
12. Joe Lellman; Time: 59:59; 18.41 mph; 1 points

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