By Henry van den Broek
Published 05/02/2024; Updated 05/02/2024

Real gravelTL;DR: 4 riders: 17.4 miles, 1654ft of climbing, unpaved 49%. steepest grade 9.1% rwgps, strava

With another beautiful Thursday, the 2nd episode of the Hilltown Gravel Series took off. Four gravel aficionados showed up: Meg, Carolyn, and Jason joined me for our ride.

First, a quick calf-biter up Cemetery Hill, followed by Emerson’s gravel descent. Via Shelburne Road, we worked our way to Truce Hill. The descent was pretty chunky. I was curious about the conditions of Boydon, as I had to skip it the day before on the preside, as a huge grader was at work. It turned out it was not that bad in the beginning; nicely packed, the down part had, as Jason said, some real gravel.

When we crossed over to Roaring Brook, via 116, we had a chance to wave to Mr. Massochistah (Aimé) who happened to drive past.

After the first major climb, when asphalt turned to gravel, we stopped to look at the newborn calves. Interestingly enough, we were not the only ones watching as a whole flock of turkey vultures was chilling there as well… giving us the chills.

From Roaring Brook, we made our way to Cricket Hill Road. We all made it up there and enjoyed the vista overlooking Pioneer Valley. After a quick social stop halfway down to chat with two mountain bikers we just finished up, we headed back to the finish. As it was getting late with the various stops, we left Fields Hill for another day.

Next week’s NCC Hilltown Gravel route will start in West Deerfield!!!. Sign up with linkmyride, instructions can be found at