By Michael Bello
Published 02/13/2024; Updated 02/13/2024

For the seventh week of the NCC Zwift Hill Climb/Time Trial Series, we visited London.

This week, our challenge was Leith Hill. This 1.2 mile hill averages a gradient of 7% and includes 440 feet of climbing.

We do the Leith Hill climb twice a year. Yet, every time we climb it, certain members of the group act like it is a brand new adventure!

Dusty took the top spot with a sub-six minute effort. He bested Andy by 23 seconds. Jonathan, enjoying his updated basement with the television for Zwift, finished in third.

Zinj finished fourth, but he may have been distracted by the distance of the warmup and his brainstorming about highly dangerous custom rollers for his bike. Melissa, who has three children and is a regular substitute teacher at an elementary school, was fifth even though she somehow did not recognize Taylor and Travis as America’s new it couple. Oh the shame!

Henry returned from his European escapades to take sixth, while Steve was seventh. I returned to my typical last place position.

The subway climb proved to be the second contest of the day, a contest of pure power. Jonathan put out 1,034 watts for his 5 second power, while Zinj was 873 watts, Henry was 831 watts, Melissa had 762. There were no points, just bragging rights on the line for this short effort.

Here are today’s results:

1. King, Dusty; Time: 0:05:55; 12.3 mph; 8 points
2. MacDonald, Andy; Time: 0:06:18; 11.6 mph; 7 points
3. O’Keeffe, Jonathan; Time: 0:06:38; 11 mph; 6 points
4. Guo, Zinj; Time: 0:06:48; 10.7 mph; 5 points
5. Warwick, Melissa; Time: 0:07:02; 10.4 mph; 4 points
6. van den Broek, Henry; Time: 0:07:17; 10 mph; 3 points
7. Wysk, Steve; Time: 0:08:47; 8.3 mph; 2 points
8. Bello, Michael; Time: 0:10:49; 6.7 mph; 1 points

*Strava PR

Here are the series standings:

1. King, Dusty; Event(s) 7; Points: 71
2. Weis, Henry; Event(s) 6; Points: 48.5
3. Weinman, Kevin; Event(s) 5; Points: 45
4. Guo, Zinj; Event(s) 7; Points: 43.5
5. van den Broek, Henry; Event(s) 6; Points: 40
6. Warwick, Melissa; Event(s) 5; Points: 25
7. O’Keeffe, Jonathan; Event(s) 4; Points: 24
8. MacDonald, Andy; Event(s) 5; Points: 23
9. Yarosh, Scott; Event(s) 2; Points: 22
10. Long, Thom; Event(s) 2; Points: 15
11. Wysk, Steve; Event(s) 5; Points: 12
12. Bello, Michael; Event(s) 7; Points: 11
13. Hewitt, Mark; Event(s) 1; Points: 10
14. O’Connor, Colman; Event(s) 1; Points: 9
15. Lellman, Charlotte; Event(s) 2; Points: 7
15. Laviolette, Joe; Event(s) 2; Points: 7
17. Wheaton, Henry; Event(s) 2; Points: 6
18. Silva, Tim; Event(s) 3; Points: 5
19. Mccarthy, Justine; Event(s) 1; Points: 2
Next week, we will do a time trial on the Richmond UCI Worlds course from 2015.

Participants in the Hill Climb/TT series may ride any time during the day or participate in the group ride version at 6:00 PM. Please visit the NCC Zwift page for the series rules.

Here is the NCC Zwift schedule:

  • Tuesday 6:00 PM – Time Trial / Hill Climb
  • Wednesday 7:30 PM – Social Ride
  • Thursday Evenings – Road Race (times will vary between 5 PM and 7 PM EST)
  • Sat 9:00 AM – Social Ride

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