By Charlotte Lellman
Published 01/28/2024; Updated 01/28/2024

Madison Johnson (Girls 13-14)

My dad, Jason, and I flew into Louisville with Anders on the Thursday before our race. We shared a house with Ross and Anders Krause and our bikes were brought down to Louisville by Gus [Lellman] and Al [Donahue]. I raced Saturday in the morning and I thought that the flyover was fun. The barriers were a little tall but that’s just because my legs are short. The start was exciting and the ‘Playground’ was probably my favorite part. I broke my bike on the limestone stairs but I was lucky enough to have Anders’ bike in the pit. I was in the top 20 but dropped to 30th after my crash. I was able to make my way back to 26th where I finished in a sprint for 25th.

Madison Johnson with a smiling mud-covered face after her race


Anders Krause (Boys 11-12)

I did the 11-12 Boys race at the Cyclocross National Championships in Louisville, Kentucky in my first full season of cyclocross. It went fairly well. It was a good temperature for racing and it was the first race of the day on Saturday when all the juniors raced. It wasn’t really muddy yet but it was damp to start the day. There were 42 people in my race. I was staged 28th and in the 4th row.

There was a flyover with stairs you had to carry your bike up, barriers that were up to my knees, and the Belgian stairs, but it still was a fairly pedally course – in between all of those running sections there were a lot of straightaways and a lot of turns. The laps were quite short. The lead lap times were under 4 minutes, mine were a little over that.

At the start, nobody crashed in the first straightaway but someone hit me from the side into another person and then I was stopped and I had to lift my front wheel over the other person’s back wheel putting me in to 3rd from last place. I just started going hard and was passing people the entire race. In the end I passed almost 20 people and finished in 24th place. It was a pretty good race. I wish I hadn’t been caught up in the start or I would have finished higher up.

When I wasn’t racing, it was super nice just watching races and relaxing at night watching a movie. I’m looking forward to racing it again next year.

Here’s a happy Anders recovering after a hard race!