By Charlotte Lellman
Published 01/28/2024; Updated 01/28/2024

Henry van den Broek

Henry fat biking in the snow in Conway.

Henry riding his fat bike through the snow in Conway. Photo by John Bayley.

Name: Hendrik (Henry) van den Broek

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Age: 59

Town: Conway, MA

NCC Member Since: 2020

Henry: The History

Where are you from?

I was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and lived in multiple parts of the Netherlands before moving to the Boston area in 1998. Four years ago we moved to Conway.

How did you first get into cycling?

Being from Holland, I always rode a regular bike to school, including a 10 mile each way to high school. But in 2011, I got my first real race bike, a Scott, it felt like I was flying, so light.

Why did you join NCC? 

I joined NCC to meet other local riders when moving to Conway.

What type of riding do you do?

Road riding, gravel riding, randonneuring, virtual indoor riding, (snow) fat biking, and cyclocross (racing)

Henry racing at Ice Weasels

Henry racing at The Ice Weasels Cometh, a cyclocross race in Southwick, Mass., December 2023. Photo by Jeff Dieffenbach.


What is your most meaningful cycling accomplishment? 

The hardest ride I have ever done was the 2015 edition of Paris-Brest-Paris ride. A 750 mile ride from Paris to Brest and back through the French countryside with thousands of other riders from all over the world. There was a 90 hour time limit and I finished in 74 hours with 6 hours of sleep.

Henry’s Favorites

What’s your favorite place to ride?

One of the reasons I moved out to Western Mass were the beautiful gravel routes I rode during events such D2R2 and Massochistah, so definitely one of my favorites, and love to travel and ride in places like Europe, Iceland, Japan.

Henry poses with his bike on a boardwalk with some windmills in the background.

Henry riding in his native Netherlands.

Favorite ride snack? 


Favorite piece of cycling gear?

Garmin Rally power pedals. I can bring them with me on my travels and have power data.

What is your favorite NCC group ride or event?

Henry and other NCC riders in blue cycling kits smile as they stand astride their bikes.

Henry with some NCC teammates at the Hatfield Lions Club ride.

Massochistah. And I really enjoy the cyclocross training series by David Goodwin and the Zwift Indoor TT/Hill climb series by Michael Bello.

What’s your favorite book/movie/TV show?

Book: Really enjoyed Demon Copperhead, by Barbara Kingsolver

Film: Recently saw “The Holdovers.” Lots of local scenery and a great movie.

TV show: The Expanse, sci fi series on Prime.

Who is your favorite professional cyclist? 

Two country(wo)men: Mathieu van der Poel and Marianne Vos. Two very talented and versatile cyclists.

Henry: Off the Bike

What do you do when not on your bike?

Software engineering. After a 30+ corporate career, now publishing my own software and apps such as Ride PSI, a bike tire pressure calculator.

What do you do for fun?

Besides cycling, I also love playing pickleball; good opportunity for socializing and lots of bilateral movement..

What is your favorite spot in the River Valley? 


What’s next for Henry? 

What does “winter training” mean to you? 

Fat biking, indoor Zwift racing, pickleball, skiing and, if weather permits, some outdoor cycling.

What cycling goals do you have for the upcoming year? 

Besides some gravel events, I really want to focus on the cyclocross season, as last year’s season was a wash with travel and illness. 

What’s on your cycling bucket list?

Ride all the Gaps in Vermont, some of the Westfield Randonneur brevets. Stretch bucket: ride across the US.

What are your hopes for NCC/the cycling community in the River Valley? 

That it will continue to prosper, I really love how many cyclocross races we now have in the valley and near, and hope we get even more.

Selfie of Henry and Paula in bike helmets in an Italian piazza

Henry and his wife Paula take a selfie in Italy.

How can people connect with you? 






  • Typically will be in the Tuesday NCC Zwift TT / Hill climb race.
  • Massochistah
  • D2R2
  • Hope to do some NCC outdoor group rides this year.