By Jonathan Brody
Published 01/01/2024; Updated 04/26/2024

We hope you are enjoying the holidays and having a comfortable start to a new year.

On Saturday, April 27th we hope you will find an equal exuberance in disrupting this tranquility by taking on the challenge of the 5th Massochistah. You can register here starting on 1/1/2024.


Register for Massochistah


Per usual, we have three routes for you to choose. 30, 50 and 70 miles each with 4K, 6K and 8K of climbing, respectively. We may run the Dirty and Hurty routes in reverse and throw some challenging changes into the Gurty to mix things up a bit.

Weather and conditions are always a crap shoot, so come prepared to ride in the cold, mud, and on snow and ice… or enjoy a warm day on dry packed gravel and sun yourself at the finish;-) With that, we got some great feedback from last year so expect more food and non-alcoholic drinks if you roll in a little later.

Really looking forward to seeing everyone April 27th. Until then, enjoy the winter, but be careful how much because you got some roads to ride and hills to climb!

— Aimé, Jonathan, Leila and Jason

Note: If you are a NCC member you get 10% off because a) you’ve paid your dues, b) you’re that great, c) you deserve it.