By Michael Bello
Published 12/23/2023; Updated 12/23/2023

The plan was not to host a Zwift ride on this festive weekend, but the demand was there, and I felt obliged to serve up a holiday ride to the NCC.

Melissa, Tim, and I started riding at 9 AM. Zinj popped in briefly to the Discord discussion to wish us all well for the holidays.

Tim picked the Sugar Cookie route, which seemed fitting for this time of year.

Although he was not with us today, we had a long discussion of Jonathan’s epic Zwift ride yesterday. He climbed the Alpe du Zwift 8.5 times yesterday to complete a virtual Everesting. The 135.7 miles with 29,386 feet of climbing took a mere 13 hours and 31 minutes! We can only imagine that he will awake from hibernation sometime in early 2024.

I shared a YouTube video about “Real Strava Secrets.” On a computer, check out the Strava Labs Kodos feature; it is neat.

Melissa and Tim went for the sprint segments today. Melissa had all four jerseys at one point. Again, she is not competitive. In between sprints, her multiple ferrets joined the conversation. One of the ferrets touched her screen with his nose and activated Melissa’s aero power up.

Tim finished level 51 and earned his avatar the 1980s kit. He also completed the Sugar Cookie route achievement, which doubled his XP points for the route.

In total for our two hour ride, we rode approximately 38 miles with 1,237 feet of climbing.

We may have another impromptu NCC Zwift ride next Saturday before our normal schedule resumes in 2024.

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