By Charlotte Lellman
Published 12/02/2023; Updated 12/03/2023

Recent Race Results

The NCC had a few team members compete in races around New England over the last few weekends.

Shedd Park, 11/19

Several masters athletes drove to Shedd Park in Lowell, Massachusetts for this great event put on by Riverside Racing. Henry van den Broek returned to action after some time away from his bike this season. He placed 25th in the Men’s 50+ category. Colman O’Connor and David Goodwin raced in the Men’s 60+, placing 5th and 10th, respectively, for NCC, out of 39 riders. Both avoided a crash that took out a couple of their competitors.

Crossburg, 11/25

Two NCC masters athletes competed at Crossburg, in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. Joe Lellman placed a strong 5th in the Men’s 60+ category, while teammate Henry van den Broek was 8th in the Men’s 50+.

Secret Squirrel, 11/26

A few folks made it out to Raynham, Massachusetts for Secret Squirrel. David Goodwin finished 54th in the all-ages Sport Men category. Jack Quinlan (JAM Fund/NCC) was in the same race, but DNF. Mark Hewitt represented the JAM Fund in the Men’s Elite race, but he was also unable to finish.

Ice Weasels Cometh

Northampton’s own Colin Reuter brought us another fantastic edition of Ice Weasels, in Southwick, Massachusetts. There was sand. There was music. There were dogs. There were handups. There were tandems. There were strider bikes. It was Ice Weasels, what can ya say?

U15 Boys

Anders Krause (NCC Trailblasters) finished a strong 4th in the U15 Boys race. Teammate Miles Abrams finished 13th to cap off his season.

Beginner Men

Eduardo Nunez finished 21st for NCC in the Beginner Men category. Jonathan O’Keeffe was 41st.

Killer B Men 45+/55+

In the masters’ category, David Goodwin led the NCC squad with a 22nd place finish. (Where’s the 65+, @resultsboy?) Andy Scott finished 25th and Henry van den Broek finished 35th.

Killer B Men

Jason Johnson placed 69th in the Killer B “non-master” category, and…

U19 Girls

…his daughter Madison Johnson was 3rd in the U19 Girls category! That also placed her 13th overall in the combined Killer B women’s field.

Madison Johnson on the third step of the podium with two girls in blue FVYC jerseys.

Madison Johnson on the podium!

Fat Bike

Henry van den Broek brought out his fat bike and placed 8th in the men’s category.


And Sam Veggeberg placed 8th in a very robust men’s singlespeed field!

Ice Weasels results are up on, and there are sure to be some amazing photos soon. Especially from the Zerospeed™ race! For many NCC racers, this was the last go of the season. But keep your eyes out for the follks racing at USA Cyclocross Nationals next week!


Next Week: Cyclocross Nationals

NCC members racing next week include:


Talia Loiter (JAM Fund/NCC), Women’s 19+ Non-Championship


Joseph Lellman, Men’s 65-69

Charlotte Lellman (BikeReg | Share Coffee), Women’s 30-34


Andy Scott, Men’s 55-59

Ross Krause (Joe’s Garage / Trailblasters coach), Men’s 45-49


Anders Krause (NCC Trailblasters), Boys 11-12

Madison Johnson (NCC Trailblasters), Girls 13-14

Myles Scott (CompEdge Racing), Boys 17-18


Olivia Sandoval (JAM Fund/NCC/UVM), Women U23

Gus Lellman (Joe’s Garage / Trailblasters coach), Men U23

Charlotte Lellman, Elite Women

Patrick Frank (JAM Fund/NCC), Elite Men

Lane Maher (JAM Fund/NCC), Elite Men

Here are links to the nationals schedule, nationals results and photos, and nationals livestream from FloBikes (Dec. 9-10).