By Michael Bello
Published 10/24/2023; Updated 10/24/2023

For the fourth week of the NCC Zwift Hill Climb/Time Trial Series, we went to Paris.

This week, the challenge was a two-lap time trial of the Champs-Élysées. In total, that was 8.22 miles with an average gradient of 0% (224 feet of climbing).

I missed the group ride, but saw that Henry, Jonathan, and Melissa were still cooling down when I started Zwifting. We were able to chat for a few minutes on Discord. Melissa filled me in on the mind games that JOK inflicted on Zinj. It apparently worked, since Jonathan took first place by 24 seconds over Zinj. Melissa completed tonight’s podium.

Andy rode early this morning. He had some technical difficulties, but was easily able to finish in fourth place.

Next week, we will climb the Volcano KOM in Watopia. Since it is Halloween and many regular participant have candy related obligations, you may ride the hill climb on either Tuesday or Wednesday.

Here are today’s results:

1. O’Keeffe, Jonathan; Time: 0:19:55; 24.9 mph; Splits: 0:09:47|0:10:08; 6 points
2. Guo, Zinj; Time: 0:20:19; 24.2 mph; Splits: 0:10:17|0:10:02; 5 points
3. Warwick, Melissa; Time: 0:20:42; 23.8 mph; Splits: 0:10:25|0:10:17; 4 points
4. MacDonald, Andy; Time: 0:22:12; 22.2 mph; Splits: 0:11:32|0:10:40; 3 points
5. Wheaton, Henry; Time: 0:23:52; 20.7 mph; Splits: 0:12:05|0:11:47; 2 points
6. Bello, Michael; Time: 0:27:46; 17.8 mph; Splits: 0:13:59|0:13:47; 1 points

*Strava PR

Here are the series standings:

1. O’Keeffe, Jonathan; Event(s) 4; Points: 22
2. MacDonald, Andy; Event(s) 3; Points: 15
2. Guo, Zinj; Event(s) 3; Points: 15
4. Downey, Tim; Event(s) 3; Points: 10
5. Yarosh, Scott; Event(s) 1; Points: 8
5. Warwick, Melissa; Event(s) 2; Points: 8
7. Wheaton, Henry; Event(s) 3; Points: 6
8. Bello, Michael; Event(s) 4; Points: 4
9. van den Broek, Henry; Event(s) 1; Points: 3
10. Wysk, Steve; Event(s) 1; Points: 2


Participants in the Hill Climb/TT series may ride any time during the day or participate in the group ride version at 6:00 PM. Please visit the NCC Zwift page for the series rules.

Here is the NCC Zwift schedule:

  • Tuesday 6:00 PM – Time Trial / Hill Climb
  • Wednesday 8:00 PM – Social Ride
  • Thursday Evenings – Road Race (times will vary between 5 PM and 7 PM EST)
  • Sat 9:00 AM – Social Ride

Join the NCC Club on Zwift or check Link My Ride on your mobile device for information on each ride.

To learn more about the NCC and Zwift rides, please visit our Zwift page.