By Charlotte Lellman
Published 10/09/2023; Updated 10/09/2023

NCC took to the podium three times on a beautiful fall day in Lancaster, Massachusetts.

Gunther Breismeister (JAM Fund/NCC) took the win in the Boys 12-14 category! Alta Breismeister (NCC Trailblasters) also took a spot on the podium with a 3rd place finish in the Girls 9-11 category! JAM Fund-er Tanya Boulanova continued her impressive season with a 2nd place finish in the Women’s 4/5 race (once again to Lane Marder of B2C2!)


Caption: Gunther (JAM Fund/NCC), Tanya (JAM Fund/NCC), and Alta (NCC Trailblasters) Photo credit: Doug Breismeister



Caption: Tanya, navigating the tricky turns through the barn. Photo credit: Katie Busick


Caption: Gunther racing in the Boys 12-14 race. Photo credit: Katie Busick


Caption: Alta pedals past the pond. Photo credit: Katie Busick


Dad Breismeister raced as well, placing 34th in the Men’s 4/5 category.


Caption: Doug in the Men’s 4/5 race. Photo credit: Katie Busick


Daryl Beck made the most of the day in Lancaster by doubling up. He placed 15th in the Men’s 50+ race and came back to nab 21st in the Men’s Singlespeed category.


Caption: Daryl having a real blast in the Men’s 50+ race. Photo credit: Katie Busick


Joe Lellman placed 12th in the Men’s 60+ after an early crash on the muddy twisty course.


Caption: Joe Lellman gets up out of the saddle on a power section. Photo credit: Charlotte Lellman


Complete results and more photo links from Minuteman are up on!

Next weekend you can find NCC in action at BOSSCROSS (Westford, Massachusetts), Pumpkin Cross (Keene, New Hampshire), or Mansfield Hollow CX (Mansfield, Connecticut).

Don’t forget to sign up for the NCC’s Ghost CX, which will be held on October 21st.