By Charlotte Lellman
Published 09/26/2023; Updated 09/26/2023

We had two cyclocross races this past weekend: Kilowatt Cross and Rochester Cyclocross.


Kilowatt Cross

This weekend, many NCC riders went to Northfield Mountain to race Kilowatt Cross, a brand new race that’s part of the River Valley Cyclocross Series. The club came away with nine podium finishes, eight of which came from Trailblasters or JAM Fund/NCC riders!

In the 9-12 groups, Trailblasters Anders Krause and Alta Breismeister earned 3rd place in the boys’ and girls’ races, respectively. Anders was followed by Miles Abrams (6th) and Malcolm Brody (8th), while Alta had teammates Ruby Gillotti-White (4th), Sasha Wanner (5th), and Annemieke Bourdon (6th) behind her. Nice work, Trailblasters!


Alta carries her bike for the run-up. Check out her awesome rainbow bar tape!


For the 13-14 age group, JAM Fund/NCC racer Gunther Breismeister earned the second medal of the day for the Breismeister family with his 3rd place finish in the boys’ race. Trailblasters Rowan Harrison (8th), Sid Wanner (12th), and Nate Brody (13th) made it a strong showing for the NCC 13-14 boys. On the girls’ 13-14 side, Madison Johnson took the top spot with Trailblaster teammate Stella Beek just two seconds behind in 2nd!


Madison and Stella celebrate on the podium for the Girls 13-14 race.


JAM Fund/NCC-er Sophie Parrott won the Girls 15-18 category, and Trailblaster Magnus Harrison was 9th in the Boys’ 15-18. 


Sophie demonstrating that tongues out is key to success.


Tanya demonstrating that tongues out is key to success.



The grownups showed up strong too. Tanya Boulanova (JAM Fund/NCC) finished 2nd in the Women’s Cat. 4/5 race, with Wendy King rounding out the podium in just her second ‘cross race ever. Melissa Warwick was not far behind in 7th, and Lisa Abrams was 19th. Tanya returned in the Women’s Cat. 3/4 race to earn another 2nd place medal! We see an upgrade to Category 3 in her near future 😉 


Tanya (left) and Wendy (right) do the obligatory podium jump with Lane Marder (center).


On the men’s side, NCC had Mark Hewitt (JAM Fund/NCC) finish 10th in the Cat. 1/2/3 field. Ben Jankowski narrowly missed the podium with his 4th place in the Men’s Cat. 3/4. Carlos Garza finished 36th in that race, which was his second of the day. 


Enrique Negron holds on to Tyler McGinnis’s wheel.


Carlos’s other race was in the Men’s Cat. 4/5, where he finished in 16th as the third member of a trio with Tyler McGinnis (14th) and Enrique Negron (15th). Tyler, Enrique, and Carlos were separated by just three seconds! For the masters, Jonathan O’Keeffe was 22nd in the Men’s Cat. 4/5 40+; Daryl Beck was 18th in the Men’s 50+; and Joe Lellman (8th) and David Goodwin (14th) competed in the Men’s 60+. Jason Johnson finished 17th in the Novice Men’s race. 


David Goodwin racing in the Men’s 60+.


Full Kilowatt results are available online. 

All Kilowatt photos are from Crispy Taco Photo. 


Rochester Cyclocross

The JAM Fund/NCC brought riders to Genesee Valley Park in Rochester, New York for the second race weekend in the US Cyclocross Series. Day 1 saw Keith Mullaly and Patrick Frank compete in the UCI Elite Men’s field on a dry and dusty course, with Keith finishing 24th and Patrick finishing 35th. The next day in the rain, they swapped places with Patrick finishing 24th and Keith 36th. Team mechanic Jeremy Bloyd-Peshkin had a good weekend, as he won the Men’s Cat. 2 race two days in a row! Daniel Vaughn also raced in the Men’s Cat. 2 field, finishing 4th on Day 1 and 5th on Day 2. Talia Loiter raced in the Women’s Cat. 3 fields both days, finishing 7th both times.  


Keith Mullaly runs up the Belgian stairs.


NCC founder Adam Myerson raced to two bronze medal finishes wearing the stars and stripes in the Men’s 50+ race. 


Reigning Men’s 50-54 national champion Adam Myerson races in the stars and stripes jersey.


Full results from Day 1

Full results from Day 2

That makes 34 riders who raced for NCC this weekend. And that doesn’t even count NCC members who represented other local teams in competition!