By David Goodwin
Published 09/12/2023; Updated 09/12/2023

Our 25 week time trial and hillclimb series came to an end today with the short time trial. Thanks to the statistical magic of Jonathan O’Keeffe, we know that of the 23 events that were held (2 were cancelled), we had 288 people participate (53 distinct riders of which 16 were first timers – that’s impressive!).

The Time Trial top five were Andy MacDonald (101.5), Zinj Guo (98), Jonathan OK (95.5), Melissa Warwick (61.5) and Frank Sleegers (56.5 which is amazing since he was in Germany all summer!).

The Overall top five were Andy (229.5), Zinj (201), JOK (189.5), Melissa (129.5) and me (112). Showing up is powerful!

Next year I will probably move the start time to 5:30 for the group event to see how it effects both the traffic and participation numbers. Let me know how you might feel about some different time trial and hill climb routes. I’ve got a few ideas that I’ll mull over this winter.

Congratulations to Melissa for taking the TT, HC and Overall Women’s top honors!

Here is a link to the 2023 series:

Time Trial/Hill Climb Series

And finally, today’s results:

1. Jonathan O’Keeffe; Time: 23:20; 23.66 mph; 7 points
2. Zinj Guo; Time: 23:32; 23.46 mph; 6 points
3. David Goodwin; Time: 25:43; 21.46 mph; 5 points
4. Madeline Nagy; Time: 26:00; 21.23 mph; 4 points
5. Roger Stawasz; Time: 26:04; 21.18 mph; 3 points
6. Chris Coyle; Time: 27:39; 19.96 mph; 2 points
7. Justine McCarthey; Time: 28:36; 19.3 mph; 1 points

8. Melissa Warwick DNF due to her inability to be in 3 places at once and she bailed out 2 miles from the finish


One response to “Week 25: Short Time Trial, 9/12/23”

  1. Frank Sleegers says:

    David, thank you for organizing these incredible series and your shoutout to me. Jonathan, thank you for doing all this statistical work. Just amazing.
    I am back but had to miss the last three races. At the moment I have to focus on my personal race to Full Professor but I hope seeing you all on the bike very soon once that is over. Cannot wait!