By Mark Rioux
Published 09/07/2023; Updated 09/07/2023

On Wednesday, September 13th, we will hold our final outdoor weekday evening ride of the season and host a party afterwards at Highbrow in Northampton at approximately 7:15 PM.

Hopefully many members will join the club ride prior to gathering, but it is certainly not required.  The club ride for the evening will be a combined A/B/C  ride leaving Pulaski Park at 5:30, and it will take the usual Wednesday night route up to Sunderland. We will maintain a C pace until we make the turn for home. We should be back before it gets too dark, but please bring lights just in case.

Remember the party is open to ALL club members and their families.  This should be a great opportunity to visit with fellow riders without being interrupted by the random CAR BACK warnings and celebratory car horns encouraging you to do your best!!!!!

Dress code? Spandex, business casual, shorts socks and sandals, tuxes, it is all good. Come as your are.

Don’t worry, our weekday morning rides and weekend rides will continue until the weather forces most of us indoors. Evening Zwift rides will start in October.

Please RSVP on your mobile device through Link My Ride so we can get an approximate count of attendees for planning purposes.