By Jonathan O'Keeffe
Published 08/28/2023; Updated 08/29/2023

Adam and Steve (first time Intro rider!) joined Ari and me on a tour of Hatfield. It was a lovely evening, slightly marred by the appearance of some ominous-looking dark clouds to the north, but they stayed away, and we stayed dry. We spotted a hot-air balloon in southern Hatfield, and it seemed to keep pace with us as we worked our way north — we finally lost sight of it somewhere on Cronin Hill Rd. We did some paceline practice on the southbound leg on River Rd, and the group worked really well together. We pulled back into Sheldon Field at about 6:45 pm, with an average speed of around 15 mph.

Next week is Labor Day, and we will be taking Monday night off for the holiday. After that, we will do one final Intro Ride on Monday Sep. 11, on the Easthampton loop to wrap up the season. Hope to see you there!