By Melissa Warwick
Published 08/27/2023; Updated 08/27/2023

Staying on trend, we had another remote start for our Saturday B ride. Dusty put together another amazing route that took us to Readsboro, VT.

Our meeting place was McCusker’s Market in Shelburne Falls. It was nice to see that the dam above the Glacial Potholes had been fixed after the early summer flooding damage.



Eight of us rolled out and enjoyed the gentle (flat-ish) start to the ride. That changed around mile five when we started up Adamsville Rd. Though we did have a few early descents, it seemed like the first 25 miles of the ride were uphill!



Our first refueling stop was at the Butcher Shop in Whitingham, VT.



Wendy might have suggested I should try to go for a nearby QOM up a short punchy hill. I totally botched it. I didn’t realize the hill was quite as long as it was so I ran out of steam towards the top. I then stopped pedaling before the end of the Strava segment. I didn’t realize you had to ride through the flat part at the top! Better luck next time.

After we left Readsboro, we saw a tower that looked like it was part of the Lord of The Rings movies. I was very glad we had our bikes because, as we all know, “One does not simply walk into Mordor.”



After mile 25 we had a long and lovely descent back to Shelburne Falls. We had our second stop of the day in Charlemont at the River Cafe where we had a little too much fun fitting all our bikes into the bike rack. Cyclists are a crazy lot!



I may have incorrectly said that it was a descent all the way back. It was downhill… until we came upon the dreaded bumps on Charlemont Rd. We were all feeling a little climbed out at this point so there were more than a few grumbles. The one bright side of going on this road is that I get to see one of my favorite trees. It is a pine tree that has been trimmed to allow the power lines through. It makes me chuckle every time I see it.



The weather was perfect today- late summer with a dash of fall all wrapped up in a quintessential New England package.



When I rolled back into Shelburne Falls, I had 58 miles and 4,400 ft of climbing.