By David Goodwin
Published 08/15/2023; Updated 08/15/2023

I will find pretty much any reason to cancel the long TT (as many of you know) but on a day when I really could have, I didn’t. We had a steady light rain in Hatfield at the start, strangely, as we passed the barns in North Hatfield (the half way point from the start and the turn around point), it was mostly dry. Turning around on Sugarloaf Street Extension and back past the barns, still dry but soon it ramped up to be a steady rain. It was even like this as I headed back home to Sunderland when all the TT’ing was done. Crazy!

Nice job to the 5 other hearty souls that braved the elements tonight. Mitch crushed it (2:27 improvement on his PR!), while both JOK and Melissa were in serious recovery mode but still managed to leave my sorry excuse of a cyclist for last place (although only by a few seconds!).

Here is a link to the series so far:

Time Trial/Hill Climb Series

And finally, today’s results:

1. Mitch Graves; Time: 42:59; 25.68 mph; 6 points
2. Zinj Guo; Time: 45:51; 24.08 mph; 5 points
3. Jonathan O’Keeffe; Time: 47:54; 23.05 mph; 4 points
4. Madeline Nagy; Time: 49:36; 22.26 mph; 3 points
5. Melissa Warwick; Time: 50:53; 21.7 mph; 2 points
6. David Goodwin; Time: 50:55; 21.68 mph; 1 points


Next Tuesday is the (Northampton – Westhampton – Huntington Route 66) Westhampton Hillclimb.