By Tim Pitkin
Published 07/29/2023; Updated 07/29/2023

We had a small group today for the C ride. Peter, Henry and I left Northampton and headed to Hatfield, where Michael was waiting on Dwight Street.

Our group meandered through Hatfield and Whately before taking River Rd. to Greenfield. River Rd. had a sign saying “travel at your own risk,” but the road was fine. There was evidence of sections that had been repaired.

At the confluence of the Deerfield and Connecticut Rivers, we crossed into Greenfield.



We then went into Turners Falls, riding along the power canal. The water level is going down from this month’s storms, but it is still pretty high. There was not a lot of clearance between the bridges and the water.



One of the old bridges appears to have collapsed.



After a short rest in Unity Park, we departed.



As we left, we were all amused by the number of geese standing at attention.



Henry departed at the Sunderland Corner Store. Peter mentioned that there was some work being done on Rt. 47, so we shifted our ride over to Russell Street. When we got back on Rt. 47, we pace lined for a bit until we turned off on North Lane.

It was about 80 degrees and what felt like 99% humidity the entire ride. But it didn’t rain!

In total, we rode approximately 51 miles with 900 feet of climbing. This was perfect for a 3 hour and 10 minute journey in the humidity.