By Jonathan O'Keeffe
Published 07/17/2023; Updated 07/17/2023

The smoky skies, heat, and humidity didn’t deter Peter and Rick from showing up for tonight’s Intro Ride on our Hadley loop. After a bit of a delay from a flat, which burst while we were standing around in the parking lot, we set out, crossing the river on the bike bridge, and admiring the impressive collection of flotsam accumulating around one of the bridge piers. We then headed north on 47, enjoying a bit of a tailwind, with Peter setting a brisk pace most of the way. Crossing through Hadley on quieter roads, we saw just a bit of evidence of flooding in some of the fields, while chatting about bassoon concertos and urban planning. Peter and Rick both split off near the end (no cars tonight!), so we didn’t have our traditional post-ride debrief in the parking lot, but we finished up around 7:00 PM with about 17 miles under our belts.

Next week we’ll be riding our Northampton loop, and hoping for a reprieve from the weather extremes.

Also, a few pics from last week’s ride, which I forgot to post at the time.