By Michael Bello
Published 06/24/2023; Updated 06/24/2023

On a rainy Saturday morning in which the NCC’s B and C rides were cancelled, several club members ventured north to Guilford, Vermont, for the Guilford Gravel Grinder (the G3). The event also served as the 2023 New England Gravel Championship.

To say it was muddy may be an understatement. Building on her podium finish at the 2022 USA Cyclocross nationals in Hartford, our very own Charlotte Lellman took the New England Gravel Championships in the Open Women’s division!

Photo: Joe Lellman


Fortunately, Charlotte had a clean jersey for the podium presentation.


Photo: Joe Lellman


Carlos Garza, Patrick Ryan, and Sam Veggeberg joined the mudfest in the Men’s Open division, while Thom Barry, Lauren Cunniffe, and Keith Streeter rode in the Master’s divisions.


Photo: Patrick Ryan


Congrats to all the participants on this incredibly muddy adventure.