By David Goodwin
Published 06/22/2023; Updated 06/23/2023

This isn’t a ride report. This is to let you know that one of your fellow NCC members, his wife and stepdaughter were recently on the Judge John Hodgman podcast to resolve a long-standing Tour de France dispute. The case involves the NCC member and his wife watching an insane number of hours of the TdF in July, which is when his stepdaughter tends to visit. She brought the case to the Judge’s attention as she feels somewhat neglected when she visits from Alabama, even though her dog is a big fan too.

There are multiple shout-outs to NCC and NCC group rides, the Tour of the Hilltowns, and many local references (such as Sunderland, Hadley, Route 47, The Sugarloaf Frostie). Even at over an hour in length, you as cyclists may find it interesting. I hope you listen to all or some of it and find it entertaining!

One error to report – said NCC member erroneously confused Il Pirata with Le Petit Prince. Sorry!

Here is the link:

Episode 623: The Bicycle Grief | Maximum Fun