By David Goodwin
Published 06/06/2023; Updated 06/07/2023

The TT was canceled this evening but that doesn’t mean that nobody did the course earlier in the day. In fact, there were 5 of us that, for one reason or another, went out before the wind a-started a-howlin’ and the particulates from the Canadian fires a-started a-blowin’. I needed to make an afternoon airport run so put Jonathan OK in charge of the cancelation decision (after advising him that I WOULDN’T cancel if it were up to me). However, on the drive north from Bradley around 5 pm, the conditions were just dastardly so I’m guessing that he made the right decision.

I wanted to let you know who these folks were and the times they recorded:

1. Jake Simons; Time: 29:02; 26.04 mph; 0 points
2. David Goodwin; Time: 35:40; 21.2 mph; 0 points
3. Madeline Nagy; Time: 36:25; 20.76 mph; 0 points
4. Tim Pitkin; Time: 37:27; 20.19 mph; 0 points
5. Cindy White; Time: 39:12; 19.29 mph; 0 points

Here is a link to the series so far:

Time Trial/Hill Climb Series

Next Tuesday is the Skinner Hill Climb.