By Justin Eichenlaub
Published 05/31/2023; Updated 05/31/2023

Every Wednesday in June, the NCC’s Zoom Twilight Crits, our training critic series, returns to Hadley.

Interested in honing your crit racing skills? Want to learn how to ride more comfortably in a pack ahead of the NCC Zoom Crits this June? The racing crew and I will be hosting a group ride on Sunday (6/4) morning at 9 AM in Hadley (300 Venture Way, Hadley, MA). This ride will include skills practice. Plentiful parking or better yet ride to the start.

All are welcome. Women and youth are particularly encouraged. Great for absolute beginners and experienced riders alike. Folks who hadn’t done these drills before last weekend reported feeling a lot more comfortable and confident after doing so. This kind of practice is really essential to good, safe crit racing.

In the grass we’ll practice some bumping and leaning drills at slow speed and front wheel touch drills, two key things to help you get more comfortable with the potential for contact in a race.

On the pavement we’ll practice going through turns two and three abreast to get used to holding lines and cornering with confidence, before bringing it all together with some hot laps.

Please reach out on Link My Ride mobile app if you have any questions.


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