By Michael Bello
Published 05/31/2023; Updated 05/31/2023

After the A/B group departed for their usual adventure to the Bookmill, Leila led the C group on her mystery ride. Fortunately, she did say that we were doing the classic Chipmunk Loop.

We had thirteen riders as we left Pulaski Park. I was the sweeper tonight. As when ascended up Burts Pit Road, a new rider to the group started to slow down. We chatted as we went. At the corner of Burts Pitt and Florence Road, he pulled off. The two of us stopped for a few minutes and he decided he wanted to head back to Pulaski Park solo.

How far could the group have gotten in this short period of time? Just when I was giving up hope, Henry and Leila showed up on my bike computer map, so I pressed on.

I will say, it was ideal weather and the scenery of tonight’s ride, even while soloing, was beautiful.



It took me 13 miles going at a strong pace to catch the group on High Street in Southampton! My Strava entry for tonight’s ride is not what a C ride should look like.


I caught up!


At High and Clark Street, our group paused for a moment, which I was very happy about. The Chipmunk Loop has had several variations due to bridge construction over the past few years, so there was a debate on how to proceed. Eventually Bill said he would lead the group since he recently did the route.

In Easthampton, just past Williston, the group broke apart. Lloyd pulled into his house. Henry and Kathryn turned back towards Southhampton, while Leila went right on Center Street, and several members of our group went straight towards downtown. Eventually, our core group reconvened on the bike path and cruised to Veterans’ Field where were all headed in our own directions.

At the beginning of tonight’s ride, I reminded the group about the upcoming Hatfield Lions Club Annual Bike Tour. There are three great routes. Please consider signing up for the fun on June 10th.

In total, we rode approximately 27 miles with 1,200 feet of climbing. I definitely need a day off from riding tomorrow.