By David Goodwin
Published 05/23/2023; Updated 05/23/2023

Here are the long TT results from today. I’m not sure if there was a favorable wind window to optimize times. I do know that Cindy tried to outsmart it around noon but don’t think she was successful. The 5 pm bunch had a pretty sweet tailwind going north but a wicked brutal headwind going south. This TT crushed my spirit and soul today. I had a slow front tubular tire air leak, almost washed out and crashed at the turn around point and by the time I made the turn after Hatfield, was rimming out at every bump (and there are a lot of them!). Melissa had to give me a ride back to my car in Hatfield center.

Three PRs today – Sam (19 s), Andy (13 s) and Melissa (12 s). Strava tells a different story for times and results (Mitch was first, Sam was second) but unless there is new information, this is how it will get record in the NCC history books.

Here is a link to the series so far:

Time Trial/Hill Climb Series

And finally, today’s results:

1. Sam Veggeberg; Time: 44:19; 24.91 mph; 14 points
2. Mitch Graves; Time: 45:26; 24.3 mph; 13 points
3. Zinj Guo; Time: 45:39; 24.18 mph; 12 points
4. Andy MacDonald; Time: 45:51; 24.08 mph; 11 points
5. Frank Sleegers; Time: 46:04; 23.97 mph; 10 points
6. Jonathan O’Keeffe; Time: 46:06; 23.95 mph; 9 points
7. Melissa Warwick; Time: 46:40; 23.66 mph; 8 points
8. Madeline Nagy; Time: 51:39; 21.37 mph; 7 points
9. Henry Wheaton; Time: 51:56; 21.26 mph; 6 points
10. Roger Stawasz; Time: 52:30; 21.03 mph; 5 points
11. Joe Laviolette; Time: 52:35; 21 mph; 4 points
12. Tim Pitkin; Time: 53:52; 20.5 mph; 3 points
13. David Goodwin; Time: 53:53; 20.49 mph; 2 points
14. Cindy White; Time: 54:12; 20.37 mph; 1 points


Next Tuesday is the (Northampton – Westhampton – Huntington Route 66) Westhampton Hillclimb.