By Jonathan O'Keeffe
Published 05/22/2023; Updated 05/22/2023

On another lovely Monday evening, Ari and I led a group of four around a sixteen mile lap of our Northampton course. Adam returned from last week’s ride, and David, Geraldine, and Taylor came out for their first club ride. We had to improvise some back roads through downtown to get around the section of the bike path next to Roundhouse Lot that has been closed, but that worked out fine (and the bike path turned out to be open anyway). The hills on Burt’s Pit Road were a little steeper than I remembered, but everyone got through OK — it was a very strong and well-matched group. Adam split off in Florence on the way home, and the rest of us rolled back into Sheldon Field around 7:10 PM.

As a reminder, next weekend is Memorial Day, and the Intro Ride is cancelled for Monday May 29. We will resume on June 5 on our Hatfield route, which features flat roads, low traffic, and great scenery. Hope to see you out there!