By David Goodwin
Published 05/19/2023; Updated 05/19/2023

We had 7 riders at the Academy for the TNR on a nice, sunny and cool evening ride – JOK, Tim C, Issac, Patrick, Eric, Ben W and myself. As I expected, once we hit Williamsburg, the A group quickly formed and took off while the A- group (me and Tim) settled in for a nice tempo ride. They politely waited for us after we took in Main Poland Road and rejoined them on Rt. 116. I’m so glad we’re doing Main Poland Road again – this is a real gem.

We had a nice spirited fast tempo ride down to Conway and then south on Webber Road where there was a brief regrouping by the beaver pond and then it was off to the races again. I highly encourage more riders to join us in the coming weeks. Such a great ride and workout!