By Michael Bello
Published 05/10/2023; Updated 05/10/2023

This evening, Pulaski Park was filled with NCC members for the A/B ride and the C ride. Between the two rides, there were approximately 30 riders. With the ideal weather, it is no surprise that there was a crowd.

After a hiatus of several years, Leila, co-president of the NCC, was back at the helm of the midweek C ride. She likes to keep the route a secret, and with all likelihood changes it as she goes to keep the group together. We departed about five minutes after the A/B ride.

We navigated up to Northampton High and cut over to Big Y to jump on Route 5 briefly. I was sweeping and somehow missed the light! I waved everyone on; after all, I live in Hatfield, so I’m not going to get lost. The group slowed anyway and I caught up.

I chatted with Bryant for a while. I shared my excitement of last night’s Hatfield Town Meeting. The design of the 750 feet for the bike path connecting Hatfield and Northampton was approved! Peter joined our group of 13 riders by the state police barracks.

Leila’s mystery route took us around my neighborhood in Hatfield. We went down Bridge Street, turned left onto Prospect, and descended Cronin Hill before navigating back up Main Street/Elm Street to the edge of Hatfield.


Cronin Hill descent


We made it back to Northampton a little before 7 PM. In total, we rode approximately 18 miles with 300 feet of climbing.