By justine McCarthy
Published 05/08/2023; Updated 05/08/2023

We had four riders enjoy the inauguration of the Monday Morning C ride today from 10 AM to 12 PM.

I was joined by John, Bill, and Josh and we enjoyed an easy, pleasant, relatively flat, 30 mile loop from downtown Florence, up to Sunderland and back. Other than blustery and unpredictable wind directions (mostly head winds, it seemed to us), the weather was pretty perfect.

We ended up averaging 13.8 miles/hour since any tailwinds didnt seem to make up for the headwinds!

We had a brief rest stop at the ever convenient Sunderland Corner Store about halfway through the ride.

Our upcoming rides will stick to the 30-40 mile limit and we will explore other routes out of Florence with limited (but some) climbing.

Please consider joining us next Monday at 10 AM. Check Link My Ride of details.