By David Goodwin
Published 04/25/2023; Updated 04/25/2023

We had some decent pavement after Deerfield’s Highway Department put in some effort last year to fix up the deep crevasses on River Road. I think maybe one too many search and rescue missions were sent to find lost cyclists and it just became cheaper to fix it. There are still some killer holes and longitudinal cracks and sloughing pavement along the river side so caution is still advised.

Patrick put on a clinic tonight. I never got an official time from him so gave him Strava plus 6 which is roughly the average today. He beat his PR by 30 seconds! Andy takes over the lead in the TT and Overall series, helped perhaps a bit by Jonathan’s obsessive KOM quest that ended him up in Hilton Head, SC where he nabbed the “Hotel Climb.” My parents used to live there, I know what they call “hills.” Trust me, KOM may be a misnomer but congratulations Mr. OK. I hope you are truly basking in your glory.

Here is a link to the series so far:

Time Trial/Hill Climb Series

And finally, today’s results:

1. Patrick Sullivan; Time: 29:59; 25.21 mph; 12 points
2. Andy MacDonald; Time: 32:51; 23.01 mph; 11 points
3. Zinj Guo; Time: 33:32; 22.54 mph; 10 points
4. Frank Sleegers; Time: 34:14; 22.08 mph; 9 points
5. Melissa Warwick; Time: 35:47; 21.13 mph; 8 points
6. Mark Wendolowski; Time: 35:53; 21.07 mph; 7 points
7. Henry Wheaton; Time: 36:59; 20.44 mph; 6 points
8. David Goodwin; Time: 37:06; 20.38 mph; 5 points
9. Madeline Nagy; Time: 37:28; 20.18 mph; 4 points
10. Joe Laviolette; Time: 38:31; 19.63 mph; 3 points
11. Roger Stawasz; Time: 39:26; 19.17 mph; 2 points
12. Tim Pitkin; Time: 41:05; 18.4 mph; 1 points


Next Tuesday is the Williamsburg Chesterfield Hillclimb, which starts in Williamsburg and ends in Chesterfield center on Rt. 143.