By Michael Bello
Published 04/01/2023; Updated 04/01/2023

Fittingly, April started with a rainy morning. So four of us (Melissa, Tim, Zinj, and me) joined the 9 AM Tour of Watopia Stage 4A event. The route covered the Dust in the Wind route.

Our Discord discussion covered many topics as always. Tim depressed Melissa by sharing that it is the same amount of miles to get from Zwift level 1 to 45 as it is to get from level 45 to 57.

Tim and I both watched the latest Impossible Route video. This series is enjoyable, but I wouldn’t want to do something like that. I guess that is why it is entertaining.

I shared that I took my daughter to fourth grade movie night at her school last night. The CGI in the 1995 movie Jumanji does not hold up very well!

Tim and I compared notes on tire pressure. I’m returning to tubes this season and the online pressure calculators suggest much lower pressure than I anticipated. This got Tim concerned about the bike he is renting on the West Coast. How will he know the tire pressure?! I realize tubeless tires are fantastic; I just don’t want to deal with a potential mess with my road bike. What is that you say, you have never heard of a mess with tubeless? Just wait.

Zinj was on his rollers as always. His mechanical challenges continue. Towards the end of the ride, his chain popped off. He expertly jumped off his bike and put the chain back on. Since he waxes his chain, his hands were not even dirty. A few minutes later, his rear tubeless tire sprung a leak and sealant went everywhere, and I mean everywhere. He rides in his open concept dining room and sealant travelled into his kitchen landing on the island and refrigerator. We watched after the ride as he balanced on a stool to remove sealant from the ceiling! The real question is, did he tell his wife about the sealant mishap?

In total, we rode 32.5 miles with 1,911 feet of climbing.