By Michael Bello
Published 03/29/2023; Updated 03/29/2023

Our rides in Watopia continued as we rode Stage 4B of the Tour of Watopia. This stage covered the Road to Ruins route. On this route, there were no dinosaur costumes or big wheel trikes, but we were all switched to mountain bikes for the dirt section.

We had four riders (Melissa, Tim, Zinj, and me).

Yesterday’s outdoor time trial was a big topic. Melissa does not currently hold the women’s lead! Excuses were already being stated by Melissa and Zinj. Melissa’s windbreaker wasn’t aero, while Zinj had a tubeless tire that lost a lot of air on course.

I highlighted my favorite headline of the week: U.S fighting to stop Canadian ‘super pigs’ from invading. I realize this is a serious topic, but it is a great headline.

Tim pointed out that ZwiftPower categories are being replaced by Zwift category enforcement. This should make things less confusing. We all believe Zwift is working on a replacement for ZwiftPower.

In total, we rode 18.7 miles with 905 feet of climbing.

We will continue to hold Zwift Group rides until the outdoor season gets into full swing or there is a really nice day, so check the calendar for details. At the moment, Saturday looks like rain, so stay tuned.