By Jonathan Brody
Published 03/26/2023; Updated 04/02/2023


We got a lot of snow, we got a new venue and we got a few spots left in this home stretch towards the Massochistah on April 15th (reg closes 4/1/23). As we say, how can you pass up riding the best roads of Western Massachusetts at their worst;-)

Of course, we do this for the adventure and to raise money for All Out Adventures adaptive cycling program and the NCC’s Youth Events.

Because of the almost four feet of snow Ashfield got a couple of weeks ago, we are moving to Edge Hill Golf Course. It’s already on the route, and although not on the lake it has great views and is shaping up to be a sweet spot. We got BBQ coming and Beau Sasser’s funk trio is back with the tunes, and keeping with tradition, he will also ride! Go Beau!
As always, your choice of delicious discomfort comes in three flavors:

The Dirty – 30 miles, 4,000 feet

The Hurty – 50 miles, 6,000 feet

The Gurty – 70 miles, 8,000 feet

Register here and choose wisely, but don’t be afraid to take a chance. You can always bail, and know that shame doesn’t last forever;-) Feel free to bring a friend and let us know if you or anyone needs any financial help to ride and we will do what we can.

And, please, have a family member, friend or random stranger you find sign-up to volunteer.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in April!

Jonathan, Aimé, Leila and Jason

p.s. Huge thanks to our sponsors:

Note: If you are a NCC member you get 10% off because a) you’ve paid your dues, b) you’re that great, c) you deserve it.