By Michael Bello
Published 03/25/2023; Updated 03/25/2023

With double XP points still available through the Tour of Watopia, we rode two routes of stage 3 this morning.

At 9 AM, we rode Stage 3C, the Shorter Route, which covered the Volcano Climb. We finished this event with plenty of time to join Stage 3B, the Standard Ride, which covered the Mountain Route at 10 AM.

On a rainy morning, we had six riders (Brant, Grace, Henry III, Melissa, Zinj, and me). When I emerged from the basement after our ride, it was snowing outside!

Zinj was still tinkering with his time trial bike. There were periods when he just stared at his bike. He did show us some custom solutions he has created to store tools on his bike. At one point an aluminum flight simulator joystick appeared. We were all very impressed, although most of us had no idea the true significance of this endeavor. Zinj was proud of it though.

Zinj has a slow leak in one of his tubeless tires. Henry always states that Campagnolo parts last forever. We informed Zinj that Henry has Campagnolo tubes in his tires and that he last filled them with air in 1986. Campagnolo parts last forever.

Henry departed after the first hour, but Brant joined us. He filled us in on his upcoming teaching endeavor at Smith College. He Is impressed with the school’s mission statement: Smith College educates women of promise for lives of distinction and purpose. In case my wife or any of her Smith classmates actually reads this, I know this mission is accomplished everyday.

There was a lot of strategizing about the first outdoor time trial scheduled for Tuesday.

Melissa went for a run the other day. She was still a bit sore. I lifted on Tuesday for the first time in a while, and my legs still have not recovered. I was riding extremely slowly today, but at least I loosened up.

In total, we covered 33 miles with 2,909 feet of climbing.

We will continue to hold Zwift Group rides until the outdoor season gets into full swing or there is a really nice day, so check the calendar for details.