By Michael Bello
Published 03/22/2023; Updated 03/22/2023

It is the third week of the Tour of Watopia, so we rode Stage 3C. This route covered the Volcano Climb. Double XP points were on the line this evening.

We had three riders tonight (Melissa, Zinj, and me).

Zinj was tinkering with his time trial bike in preparations for the outdoor time trial season, so he did not break the 10 mile mark. It was entertaining watching Zinj’s cat watching Zinj. Zinj was on his rollers and at one point got dangerously close to his side table.

On Discord, Melissa told us about her new bike. She plans to go fast up the hills this season.

We briefly discussed a YouTube video of a group of cyclists in Australia encountering a chicken.

In total, the route was 14.5 miles with 668 feet of climbing. I took the ride at a relaxed pace and finished at the 44 minute mark. Melissa was seven minutes faster. It is challenging to remind her that we are not racing!

It looks like rain is in the forecast for the weekend. On Saturday, we are riding the Tour of Watopia Stage 3C at 9 AM and then Stage 3B at 10 AM.