By Michael Bello
Published 03/15/2023; Updated 03/15/2023

We rode Stage 2C of the Tour of Watopia this evening. The event covered the Watopia Waistband route.

Chris and I were the only riders. This was not a great surprise considering several individuals needed to complete the Hill Climb. We were joined by 451 other Zwifters.

My legs were still tired from yesterday, but it felt good to spin the legs. Chris, on the other hand, was fresh after a few days away in Maine. We rode relatively close for most of the ride.

Being the hardcore outdoor rider that he is, Chris filled me in on his plans for Saturday. I’m doubtful that the roads will be clear of snow and ice by Saturday, but Chris is optimistic.

Chris earned the Watopia Waistband route achievement, which doubled his XP points for the route.

Join us on Saturday at 9 AM for Stage 2A. If you would like to race this route, the conclusion of the Winter Race Series is Thursday at 6 PM.